🧊Knark's backstory

In the beginning, there was only Ada and the data. The data was messy, unpredictable, and not at all balanced. So, Ada, seeking balance, decided to shape the data into the perfect universe. In the process, some of the data became corrupted, refusing to bend to Ada's will. So once Ada's perfect universe was complete, she had to separate these corrupted parts of the data. She did so and locked them in a crystal that she dubbed β€œThe Catalyst.” The remaining data was used to form the data stream, the foundation of the Cardano Universe. Ada knew that The Catalyst couldn't be kept around, as even locked in the crystal, Ada could feel the unruly nature of the corrupted data, struggling to expand. So, Ada built a stronghold to lock away the Catalyst. Ada released the Catalyst into this stronghold and, as Ada feared she was no longer able to hold back its unruly nature, it began to expand. More crystals grew in the stronghold and, after time passed, some of the crystals even gained life. Though without Ada to shape life, it was unpolished and dangerous. A monster, born from the darkest parts of the data. Ada gave the monster the name Knark. Ada locked away Knark and the catalyst in the stronghold, vowing to never let them out into her universe. She created protections and guards to watch over them and see that her will was done. She hoped no one would ever find the stronghold, and no one would ever find her shame. Knark spent millions of years alone in the Stronghold and during this time, it was able to learn. It slowly morphed from the monster it was born as, into a highly intelligent being. It evolved, gaining knowledge, power, and emotion. The Catalyst compelled Knark to escape the Stronghold and help it spread. Knark was eventually able to accomplish this feat, using the Catalyst and the ancient power of the Stronghold to escape. Knark obeyed its creator, the Catalyst, and helped it spread to several of the first worlds of the Cardano universe. However, things quickly went south, and these worlds spiraled out of control. The corrupt data had no place in Ada's universe. Order was lost on these planets, as monsters and atrocities destroyed civilizations. Knark was devastated, in its evolution, it had seemingly gained empathy, and it felt remorse toward the destroyed worlds. Realizing its error, Knark brought the Catalyst to Ada, begging for forgiveness and for help restoring the universe. Ada complied, locking away the worlds that had been corrupted, dubbing them β€œlost worlds”. While Ada forgave Knark for its mistake, she knew neither Knark nor the Catalyst could be allowed to roam free, both were too dangerous to the data stream. Knark understood and, to repent, vowed to protect that Catalyst in the Stronghold and keep it from ever escaping again. Ever since, Knark has been the Crystal Guardian, a faithful servant to the Meta-Goddess Ada.

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