🪙Comic Coin ($CMC)

Comic Coin is the official loyalty program token of Cryptoverse Comics.

CIRCULATING SUPPLY: 5,771,637 (no supply cap)

  • There's been 3,391,000 $CMC distributed to holders of The Cryptoverse who migrated their NFTs to our new policyID. Each NFT transfered rewarded the holder with 3,000 $CMC.

  • There's been 2 $CMC minted to update the metadata of the token after we made the change from the old $DSCN paper bill format to the new $CMC round token.

  • 647,535 were minted for our staking partnership with WeirdOZ

  • 300,000 were minted and claimed for our Cardano Lands staking partnership

  • 500,000 were minted for the Sundaeswap LP

  • 933,100 were minted and sent to DripDropz for staking rewards

  • SOON - each of our 8001 NFTs left to mint will come with 1000 $CMC adding 8,001,000 $CMC to the supply in a well distributed manner.

PolicyID: a56b1bfd69d317076c5c864d647851e2961594b21ec056f3c8491485

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