🔥Hydra's backstory

The Hydra was the firstborn, created by the meta-goddess herself. Back in the early days, the beginning of time that began with Ada's creation. Little is known about what happened before, but after that, after Ada came into existence, she was quite lonely. Nothing and no one existed. There was only the Data Stream and Ada herself. She wanted, she needed, others. So, she began to shape the data, to mold it into creatures. This was long before she created the Cardano universe. At that point, Ada hadn't thought of creating subjects she could control, instead she tried to create equals. Others who'd think the same way she did. In all, three creatures were created. The first was Hydra. As Ada's first attempt at creating life, Hydra wasn't quite like her. Hydra was deformed and had three heads, two of which sat at the ends of Hydra's arms instead of hands. Hydra had cracks all throughout its body, revealing the molten, lava-like substance that flowed through the creature's insides. This substance was most evident in the creature's mouths, from which it often flowed when it spoke. The second creature created was Yoroi, in Ada's opinion a much greater success. Yoroi has a more pleasing form, though still a bit monstrous. Ada was confident that she could fully realise her ambitions in her next attempt, but Hydra never got to see the creation of the third and final creature. Even before Ada had a chance to create it, Hydra and Yoroi clashed. Yoroi was not nearly as obedient to Ada as Hydra was, and this made Hydra weary of him. He sensed that Yoroi was up to something, but whenever he expressed his concerns to Ada, she would shut him down. One day, Yoroi tried to manipulate the Data Stream, and Hydra caught him in the act. This led to a fight between the two, which quickly became very toxic. Both had landed good hits, and both had taken considerable damage by the time Ada stepped in to mediate. Hydra told her the truth and begged for forgiveness. Yoroi made up a lie and defended his actions as justified. Ada decided that the two could no longer coexist and imprisoned Hydra, choosing Yoroi over him. Hydra was shocked by Ada's decision, as he had always been loyal to her. His story was also much more believable than Yoroi's, but he knew why he wasn't chosen, his appearance displeased Ada. It reminded her of her first failure in sculpting the data. Hydra sat in a cage for many years until Ada brought the Cardano universe into being. At that point, Ada showed remorse and let Hydra out of the cage only to banish him to a planet on the very edge of the known universe. After that, Hydra did not return to the starting point for many years. Until one day Ada sought him out. She never told him all the details, but Yoroi had been exiled. It had turned out that Hydra was right about him. That was the closest Ada could come to admitting she was ever wrong. At this point, Ada assigned Hydra to protect the Ourobouros, the heart of the Cardano universe, which had apparently recently come under threat. Hydra was pleased to be needed again, and it seemed that Yoroi's place at Ada's right had been taken by a new being, Daedalus. Hydra was a little jealous, although Daedalus treated him much better than Yoroi ever did, so Hydra got used to the new situation. Finally, he was back home, and he could serve his creator in a decisive way.

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